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Changes to the Bright-Line Test

From 1 July 2024 it is proposed the three existing bright line tests will be abolished. In their place there will be a two-year bright line test. Bright line will apply if the bright-line end date is within two years of the bright-line start date. The two years will apply retrospectively from 1 July 2024 so that if the bright-line start date is before 30 June 2022 the bright-line end date will be 1 July 2024 at the latest.

Main home exclusion

  • Where the bright-line end date is after 1 July 2024 the main home exclusion will be based on the predominant use of the land. If it is being used more than 50% for main home then the exclusion from the bright-line test will apply. Note it is actual use of the property not intended use of the property.
  • There is also a time basis. The land must be used most of the time as the main home – more than 50% in total.
  • The main home exclusion cannot be applied more than twice in two years or where a person has engaged in a regular pattern of acquiring and disposing of residential land.
  • If a house is being constructed on the land, the time involved in the construction is excluded from the bright-line calculation. This change is retrospective to property purchased on or after 29 March 2018. Where a person has already returned bright-line income under the previous rules that would now not be taxable, they can apply for a reassessment.
  • Rollover relief will be available for transfers between associated person’s provided they have been associated for at least two years prior to the transfer. Similarly, a transfer to a trust can qualify for rollover relief where the beneficiaries have been associated to the transferor for at least two years prior to the transfer.
  • Rollover relief will also be available in certain circumstances to transactions with companies (including look through companies), partnerships and between trusts.

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Source:  Tax-e-mail Issue No. 2403